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King Michael Moran Michael Peterson Michael Phillips Mikael Uluss Mike Arram. Marxist cannon fodder in Mozambique and Zambia could not catch a moment of sleep without nightmares about the Scouts. Unorthodox Ways, selous Scouts did not care much about regulations on materiel and decorum, preferring to wear, carry and use whatever worked best for them, including trophy weapons and gear. Together, they decided that the new unit would be a small infantry regiment recruited from lower ranks of RLI, RAR and SAS, possessing teamwork of the former two, survival skills of the latter and trained better than all of them combined. On November 11, 1965, Ian Smith declared a sovereign Republic of Rhodesiaappalling the UN and infuriating the Britsas well as merciless war on Marxist terrorism. Prime Minister Balthazar Vorster kept warning Ian Smith against escalating the conflict in order to avoid tempting Cubans in Angola into aiding Mugabe and his goons, thus creating another headache for the South African Defense Force. However, at that time South Africa itself balanced on the verge of becoming a pariah state due to apartheid, so it helped Rhodesia secretly.

For the duration of the march, the recruits were given 125g of canned meat, 250g of maize flour and a small amount of water. Curtain Falls Tired Scouts after a successful sortie. While semi-rotten meat retains nutrients and is safe to consume if boiled properly, Reid-Daly knew that in the field, his recruits might face a choice between eating carrion or starving to death, so if they know its edible. Recruits were taught to pay attention to objects in their firing zones boulders, large roots, thick vegetation and quickly fire short bursts at them to hit potential enemy hiding spots. On average, the training took half a year. Terrorists reacted to arrival of their commanders by swarming the vehicles in a gleeful tide, yelling slogans and singing songs. Located at the merging of two rivers, it had previously been visited by UN suits, who were fooled into thinking it was a refugee camp (terrs simply withdrew to nearby camps during the visit, leaving women and children. All pretense of discipline was abandoned in an instant.

The Scouts cross-border sorties were frequent and their disguise was not perfect a black soldiers unfamiliar accent or a hastily donned blackface with a tight cap to hide blonde hair could fool a tired sentry, but not the attentive eyes and ears of a mujiba. In case he turned on his new allies, he would discover that live ammo had been replaced with blanks. Swannie Mudcub MultyAmory Muscle Daddy Bear Mycandlelight Dreams Naked Fun Naked Guy Namab Mas Naomiknowsit Nathan_B16 Neal Down Nice Guy Nicholas James Nicholas Nicholby Nicholas Ryan Nick Archer Nick Brady / Y2KSlacker Nicole Jamais NiftyStoryTeller / NiftyGuy Noel Blue. Vorster was also contemplating the words.S. Every day, the instructors encouraged the recruits to quit and return to their old regiments. Alex Roberts, alex Rohny, alexander Levitzky, alisha. Ruwen Rouhs rwxxx13 Ryan Edgar (EmoDucky707) Ryan Leeds Ryry / Zachary Ryan Samdabisa (Chris.) Sam Lakes Sam Nifty Samantha Kay Samuel Taylor (Jared) Sanibel Boys Savoir-Faire ScarletLegg Scat Gal Scott Turner (Scotty.13411) Scudder Sean de Roche Sean. Immediately upon arrival, they were subjected to a session of intense physical training. When laughing instructors emerged from tall grass to congratulate the exhausted recruits on becoming Selous Scouts, this was taken as yet another trick to make them give. Reid-Daly always made sure to be present at the finish line.

The regiment was named after Frederick Selous, a legendary hunter. Another interesting feature of the Scouts was conversion of terrorists to their cause, largely due to the fact that bushcraft came naturally to natives. 70's Child 976-smut,. Quite a few took the advice, unable to cope with the torture. Recons sent forward discovered that the sizeable square in its middle was occupied by a mob of over 5000 terrorists, trying futilely to maintain formation. The day was topped off by obstacle courses no sane man would even think of running. Alex Carbine, alex Dent, alex Hawk, alex. The stones were dyed an unnatural color and backpacks carefully weighed to prevent cheating.


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The Hatchlings, membership in the Scouts was purely voluntary, although first recruits had no idea what they were signing up for. Operating in groups of 5 to 10 men, the Scouts masterfully wielded fear and demoralization, essentially terrorizing the terrorists. Roduner (DMR, King Arthur) David Preecher David S Shorts David Spowart David Williams Demitiri Symone Derek Weiser (DW Simon) DerekGuy desertmac Dick Peters Dionyssos DJ Paul (Of Blessed Memory) DJanus DL Mercer DnRock DogBone Dolphin Dan Dom Luka Don Hanratty. Did not soften its treatment of South Africa one bit. For the next five days, the future Scouts would be awakened before dawn and forced to exercise till 7 in the morning; this was followed by shooting practice in the bush. Aaron Grant, aaron Hull / Wah Stories, abba Dabba. Unsurprisingly, African Whites became the first targets of black freedom fighters: Belgians in Zaire were massacred en masse before they could meaningfully react, and Portuguese settlers could muster only feeble resistance. The plan did not survive contact with reality, however. All links contained in this web-site are to models 18 years of age or older.

Carlinsetti, Marcar001, Marcar007) Carson Carruthers (Of Blessed Memory) cgf2662 Chad / Azcumslut404 Chad Prescott Chance Chance Brickman Charles Baudot Charles Westfall Charlie Chaz / Unkle C Chefinthewild Chip Dyp Chipster Chris Chin Chris Martin Christian Parker (Dragonknight2222) Christian Xavier Gartrip. Unable to cope with the responsibilities that come with independence, nascent African countries were immediately consumed by tribal warfare, becoming blood-stained wastelands almost overnight. Read More: An Unsung Hero: The Legend Of Danny Roxo). Operation Eland, selous Scouts were tasked with destroying a large zanla/frelimo camp close to the Mozambican border that served as a staging ground for raids into Rhodesian territory. According to Reid-Daly, the smell alone was enough to make a hyena throw up, but soldiers devoured it without hesitation. Kay Love Kay Love Keith Yates Kerpotkin Kerryann Keep Kevin Donovan Kevin Inman Kevin Joy Kevin Montgomery Kevin Walsh KevKrazyBoi Kick Barber Kiltie69 Kirk Brothers Act Two Benedict/David Detective Stories (futuristic; chronological order) Kirk Landers kkrimson / Krispy Krimson knottedpup.

After a split with what would later become Zambia, Southern Rhodesia petitioned Britain for sovereignty, but instead received an ultimatum: no independence before majority (black) rule. Swain / Mnhowler RClayton / Randy Wiggins. Not because of lousy record-keeping, but due to sheer amount of media lies and obfuscation surrounding. Asian Fuck Video, fuck sexy twink welcomes everybody who likes real young gay porn videos. After that, the column would open fire. Barrie Gavin McDowell Gaynokla Gay Writer Gaymarky Gaysextop Gayspeedoguy Gee Lees George Gauthier George King 555 / Tom Acton Gerry Taylor Dahran The Changed Life Kazah's Story The Reluctant Retrainer The Market Offer The Special Memories Dahran Way Dahran Rebuttals.

Contrary to popular opinion, the end of the colonial age has marked the decline of Africa. This meant giving unrestricted political power to terrorist leaders and UN darlings Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, essentially letting the country plunge into chaos. Andrew J, andrew Todd, andrew Whitaker, andy Lake. This task was entrusted to General Peter Walls, who asked his old friend, a retired SAS veteran Ron Reid-Daly, for help. This web-site has zero tolerance towards child pornography and does not provide links to such sites. Kariba Gorge boasts abysmal terrain, afternoon heat that can cook eggs and abundance of tsetse fliesthats not counting mosquitoes, mopane bees that are attracted to sweat and plenty of dangerous predators. In mere 24 hours, Balthazar Vorster became Public Enemy #1.

The tide of blood met its first breaker in Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia. Andy Mann, andy Macdonald, andy Mitchell, andy West (Andy Smith, James Smith). Political Games, while Rhodesia suffered from economic sanctions unjustly imposed upon it by the West, South Africa held a large enough share of its foreign trade to keep the country running, while also providing it with military aid. An unintended benefit of being an unrecognized country was not having to care about Geneva Conventions and rules of engagement. Vorster, of course, ended up used and cheated: the.S. Operation Eland ended in total success: 1026 terrorists killed, over 2000 wounded, another 1000 drowned. Find and rescue a whole village of abductees who were taken beyond the border?

The last 20 kilometers had to be covered in two and a half hours. The first stage of training was thus passed, weeding out the weakest. Once, a Scout got separated from his team in a firefight. Assist RLI from behind enemy lines in sieging a fortified terr camp? The day was very sunny, and this allowed one terr who got too close to catch a flash of blue eyes from inside one of the vehicles right above a twinned machine gun trained on the crowd. Red-faced, panting soldiers cursed and spat at the instructors, breaking into tears when realization of getting accepted finally dawned on them. The alternative a gibbet was also made known. The Scouts, who suffered no casualties, made a quiet exit. This allowed Selous Scouts to operate in ways that no civilized army would be caught dead using.

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It is hardly surprising that the march was nicknamed highway to hell. Vincent / Shyoldguy Jackbequicky / Greensalvin Jack deGropier (Jack de Gropier) Jack Fellowes Jack Ladd Jack Russell (Ron Ronn, isoäiti homo sex thaihieronta kajaani Ron Weiss) Jack Scribe Jakob "JC" Klunyk Jacob Latson Jacob Miller (J.P.G.) Jaden Lane (Jade, John Elash, PhantomScorpio77) Jake Audio. Section 2257 Compliance Notice. But like any other war, this one had its heroes. Then the Scouts took a three-week course in parachuting. The next day, newspapers around the world were brimming with stories about blonde, blue-eyed Afrikaner soldiers gunning down black women and children.

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Live chat norge christian bøsse dating It took him 18 days to cross back into Rhodesia on foot, subsiding on whatever he could catch; upon returning, he called the ordeal a minor bother. Even though Western press screeched day and night about atrocities committed by the Rhodesian military against freedom fighters, Western leaders preferred not to intervene, as public opinion was overwhelmingly against them for essentially allying themselves with communists. Rick Cantwell (Dick Hickey, Jockhunger) Hagenf1 Hairy1, Ursuspilosus Handjob Hans Schreiber Happenstance Hardreader2000 (H.R.) Harrison Westbourne Hector Himeros Helmut Finder Hermes (Justanother Author) HnstSkr4 / Chuck. In what little free time they had, they were expected to venture outside the camp and forage, as no food was provided still.
find a fuck buddy ts dating homo Against enemies that left behind nothing but mutilated and violated bodies, there was no other choice. A moment of carelessness could cost the Scouts dearly, but they had their ways of dealing with informants. Imitate a frelimo officer to lead a gang of terrs into a pre-designated airstrike zone?
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G : This Site Contains Adult Material, we have no association and hold no responsibility for the links on this site! AmateurishWriter, amethyst Rose, andiChan, andrew Davis, andrew Foote. Reprobate Retta Michaels Rhaven (Rhaven2002, Rhavenlore) Richard Darby Richard Howells (John Francis) Richard Kerry Richard Smith Rick Beck (Martin Miller, Joe Buck, WritersRealm, QuillsWritersRealm) Rick Masters / Succum241 Rick the Dick Ricky F Ricky Garcia Riki Jacobsen Rio Mack Ritch. Eager to pin the blame on someone, the press opted for their favorite whipping boys South African commandos. This meant no air support. Kissinger, who eagerly meddled in Rhodesian affairs as well, made sure that Abel Muzorewas moderate government was immediately toppled by that of Marxist terrorist Robert Mugabe.

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Holloway Hoover Plano Horned Owl Hot for Dads Hugh Cox Hugsterbear Hungboi HungRod Hunter Woods / Wolfpup Hyacinth Fire Ian Duncan Iarwain Ike Rose / Oldtimer25 ImJeff Ink Blotches It's Only Me from Across the Sea Ivanocich J Malo J Smith. While the vast majority of Rhodesias population, both White and black, supported the incumbent government, terrorists still managed to find informants mostly elders in border villages, recruited through bribes or coercion. This seemingly chaotic and wasteful fire was actually extremely effective in combat, and Scouts quickly reached sufficient automatism to strike several probable targets in quick succession without even looking at them. What orgasme gutter sex i syden homoseksuell followed was pure slaughter. While all members of Rhodesian Security Forces deserve recognition for their bravery in facing overwhelming odds, I would like to tell you a tale of the most efficient counter-terrorist unit in the worldan example in tenacity and professionalism for men everywhere.